Commissioned drawings

If you want to have your own original drawing in Lovers style, you can order it via e-mail. Original drawings are always in A3 format, drawn with a rapidograph, in black & white. Please allow up to 5 working days for production and delivery, 2 more days for framing (if you want it framed, although this option is available only for Belgrade pick-up).

*if you want Lovers in color (or in other formats than A3), let me know and we will work it out.

Your order should contain following info:

- photographs of persons (or animals) you wish to have drawn in, with their desired hairstyles
- pose you want your Lovers to be in
- objects you want your Lovers to hold or to be surrounded with
- in case you want your Lovers to have any clothes or accessories on, attach photographs of it
- in case you want to have a background or any sort of scenography behind your Lovers, attach info about that too, or even better: a photograph
- text, if you want it somewhere in there


Price of the drawing without background: 6000rsd (50eur)
Price of the drawing with background: 9500rsd (80eur)
Frame of your choice (if you want it framed by me - available only for Belgrade pick-up): 2000rsd (15eur)
Prices above are for up to 3 persons (lovers, kids, animals, relatives, friends, even mythical creatures) and up to 6 objects.
Every addition above three souls: 1200rsd (10eur)
Every addition above 6 objects is considered to be a drawing with background and it costs 9500rsd (80eur)

Take a look at some of the commissions that I’ve done so far (click any of the drawings to open a slider):